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Основная задача сайта-предоставить справочную информацию по ВУЗам Тюмени. Ознакомить посетителей сайта с бизнес-образованием современной России, ведущими ВУЗами нашей страны. Полезные советы по выбору ВУЗа будут полезны абитуриентам, помогут избежать типичных ошибок по выбору профессии. Современным руководителям будет интересен раздел об обучении по программам MBA, рассказывающий об условиях обучения и поступления.

Мы искренне надеемся, что данный информационный ресурс поможет сделать Вам правильный выбор образовательного учреждения и получить востребованную профессию.

ВУЗы Тюмени
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Тюменский государственный институт искусств и культуры

Бизнес-образование – интенсивно развивающаяся отрасль в сфере бизнес-тренингов, семинаров, курсов и конференций. Сегодня

Адрес: 625051, Россия, Тюменская область, г.Тюмень, ул. 30 лет Победы 102

Ректор: Новиков Виктор Гаврилович

Телефон: +7 (3452) 33-25-31

WWW: www.tiiel.ru

E-mail: adm@tiiel.ru

Тюменский государственный институт искусств и культуры

The Tyumen State Academy of World Economics, Management and Law (TSAWEML) offers fully accredited degrees in World Economics, National Economics, Taxes and Taxation, Management, Marketing, Applied Informatics in Economics and Law in conjunction with prestigious foreign universities. Courses are offered in English and Russian by highly qualified academics in their chosen field of expertise. The city of Tyumen is located in western Siberia and has a population of approximately 550,000. Tyumen is 416 years old and has a rich and interesting history. Tyumen is accessible from Moscow by train (via Yaroslavskiy terminal) or by air (via Domodedovo airport). The local economy is heavily influenced by the oil and gas industry. In fact, some of the students attending TSIWEML are sponsored by oil and gas firms and are guarranteed employment upon graduation. Tyumen is also the designated capital city for the entire Tyumen region of western Siberia and the site of many government departments and institutions. TSIWEML offers a highly demanding curriculum in a western-style setting. TSIWEML boasts an impressive theater for student productions and cultural enrichment, a swimming pool, weight training center and a gymnasium/sports complex to maintain the peak physical and mental condition of its students. Prospective students should take note that TSIWEML encourages students to participate in field study trips for rest, relaxation and a fresh perspective. The dining hall is staffed by an internationally trained group of cooks and strictly adheres to health and safety standards. The staff and administration at TSIWEML are particularly concerned about the physical security of the students and facilities. Closed-circuit TV, a full-perimeter fence and security guards assuage the fears some international students have about Russia. The new on-site dormitory enables students to live in an essentially self-contained setting and in unprecedented style and comfort. The student to instructor ratio is also a pleasant surprise for students (approximately 10 to 1 for most classes).

Students receive virtually individualized attention something rare indeed, in this age of cutbacks and reductions in funding and services. The Rector of TSIWEML is Victor Gavrilovich Novikov, Ph.D, Professor, actual member of International Academy of Forecasting (Future Research) and Russian Academy of Sciences of Higher School, Honoured Teacher of Russian Federation. The aspirations to integrate into American, European and world educational systems and to train experts of world level are determining the efforts that Tyumen State Institute of World Economics, Management and Law applies for establishing international contacts, organization and development of versatile co-operation with foreign partners in the field of education, scientific research work and business. International co-operation gives an opportunity to adopt the best foreign experience in the process of education. During this collaboration the exchange of different cultures, information and experience is taking place. Our higher educational establishment made some agreements on mutually advantageous co-operation and interaction in the sphere of higher education and science; students, post-graduates and teachers exchange in the purpose of developing further relationships with abroad higher educational establishments. For instance, as an example of already formed mutually-advantageous interrelations we may outline the following: Franklin University, Columbus (Ohio), USA, Frederick Taylor International University (California), USA, Glasgow University, UK, Edinborough University, UK, Calgary University, Canada. You are welcome to contact TSIWEML for any additional information.

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